When something or someone doesn’t work out the way we planned or hoped them to be, or even just not sure of the next step, doesn’t mean defeat, most likely that thing or that person deterred or re-routed the path you were on, and along the way that experience gave you exactly what you needed,  and now that your back you see exactly what you have learned, how you have changed or not, what you can or cannot, and who you are or are not. So no you weren’t defeated but more knowledgeable, closer to being sure of yourself that thing or whomever, knowing now the difference between defeat vs. deterred. I’ve learned that it can be really simple or we make it extremely difficult and it still doesn’t change the simplicity of the thing is truly what it is, that person is truly what they are, but the experience is always a profound asset to the collection of your experiences that constructs your life. So how can that be a failure or defeat, we gain all along believing we were failing or defeated, it’s simply not true.


Habit can be a detriment to growth when it gets in the way of doing and discovering new things in life that have been put in place for only you to discover, and to direct you to the next phase or chapter in life. When you can realize and are aware of those rare opportunities that only happen every so often, and habit prevents you from reaching for them and entering new paths and journeys, your habit becomes a hindrance. It isn’t so simple to just change a habit, it is a mindset that has to be adjusted, and like many other obstacles, it requires acknowledgment, acceptance, and determination to be willing to welcome what has been made for you as you journey through life.

Its A Choice

What makes most of want to say hello when were walking by a stranger, what makes us hold the door for someone before we go ahead of them, what makes us want to be the best person we can be, what makes us sad when we see others hurt,  whats makes us let the guy with one container of milk ahead of in line, and what makes us go without so someone else can have. I ask myself these questions because I know and see the act of human decency every day, but still, we have deep hate in this world. How can we be good and kind to someone but hateful and disrespectful to others, are you making the choice not to be that person who is kind and loving to fellow man, or are you making a choice to be other than who you truly are, and not showing human kindness and decency. It is a choice and we all have the ability to be entirely good to our fellow man.

Personal And Public

I want to share with you guys something that made me think, and it is actually calling me to act, Does Your Public Self Line Up With Your Personal Self, (Devon Franklin). Now you know what this means, it means do you honor yourself internally and personally the way you perform or conduct your self publicly, and I have to admit I can do a lot better. I believe when these two acts line up together you are at peace, and there is nothing to hide or nothing to fabricate, you are just who you say you are. I do believe you have to hit a level of maturity and to figure out if you want the world to know you are to know what you want them to know, there is a difference and I guess you have to begin with knowing yourself and who you are most of all what can you offer of yourself in service to others. I know I have some work to do but I learn something today, and when you learn you teach Maya Angelou,


There is hope for humanity and I believe we are moving in the direction of being the best we can be. I see that people are really making an effort to do better and also help others do better, and we need a lot more of that, A simple act of kindness and a hand to help your fellow man. There is nothing love cannot heal, no barrier it cannot break, it is the most powerful emotion we possess and I will do my part to give as much of it away I can as humanly possible, I believe in us and I pray that we as a connected energy continue to evolve in the most positive and transcending way.


Custom design your life, alter the size of your circle that fit and only compliments your custom life plan, change the atmosphere where your life project can most thrive and serve a purpose. Create a wide open space and allow the delightful opportunities to fill your life design with what your heart desires. The path to abundace is created and designed by your best life projects and custom made vision, you determine what your life is made of and in what way it serves, the splender and delight is a amazing bonus, so take it along the way. Create your masterpiece, its up to you to make it spectaculrly abundant.


You are who you say you are, You are who you think you are, and who is that you say you are?

Angela Davis.

These words have become a mantra, It is simply a call to show up to and in your life, It can’t be misunderstood or misinterpreted, its a conversation we already have with ourselves but for many reasons, it’s dismissed. This is one of the most important conversation we need to have, not only  the question but what is your answer, and  what are you doing with it, are we answering that question and then not doing anything , or are we answering and not happy with the response in turn pretending we haven’t a clue, “tell me whats happening” because nothing will ever change until we have the answer and then do something to reflect it. We allow other people to tell us who we are or should be, what we want or will have,  what we do and have done, most importantly what you will do. Now if you think the questions will ever change and you won’t be called upon your mistaken, now what can change is how many times you ask yourself and boldly answer with authority and purpose. You are who you say you are, You are who you think you are, Who is it that you say you are?


Thank You

How do I say thank you for the gifts that God has given me, how do I thank him enough for the gift of life, and the ability to use what I have been given to serve in any way I can.  There are no words to express my gratitude for the life and well being of my children, most of all I thank God for bringing and birthing my children into a free world, a place where they can be who God created them to be, where they can  be beautiful and imperfectly perfect in their own right. Thank you, verbally can be express with my mouth. Thank you can also be express in how you honor your own life, how you choose to use your gift to serve others, how you give of yourself to teach, and to learn, to serve, and to love demonstrates great gratitude to the world. To be free is not a privilege or something another man can gift to you, it is a right and the privilege is how you use it to gift another man.


I am so impressed and in love with Humanity, there is nothing more powerful than love it is the beginning the substance and the ending of all things, and I cannot ever get used to the way it transcends, transforms, and heals. Its reach is limitless and I cannot think of one thing in my life that the pure effects of love have not touched. I know that there are those that have yet to find their way or a way to fulfill their purpose to others, and are still struggling and lost with very little options, but there are also many many people that for the most part are making a point to be better and to make the world a better place, and I know and feel we are getting really close to doing that, I think that a lot of us want that for each other and there are people working toward that and are inspiring others to do the same, so yes, I believe in us changing the world it is possible and humanity is such a vital element in doing so, I have seen it, I can feel it and it is an amazing experience, it is powerful and transforming, and a beautiful thing to see, humanity is like having  a Magic wand and those that are touched are forever touched, and that brings about goodness in the world.


How sure are you in yourself and who you are because it will be tested. In life, there will be challenges and forces that seem to work against you, people that turn their backs and turn on you, rejection  disappoinment and all the other unpredictable blows that life hands you, but thats why knowing who you are and what you want is enormously important.,I know you have to believe in your purpose or dream and honor it by giving it a name and speaking about it every chance you get even if it is to yourself, we have to give it life and trust it to change yours. If you are secure and centered in yourself no mateer what predicaments and challeges come along you will stand strong in your in your awareness and ability to carry through in the direction of your purpose, there is nothing that can stop you but you. Life is going to happen with or without us, and no, we cannot predict what will happen but we can choose to continue our journey to accomplish our dreams and purpose in life. No one can take it from you because it was made for you and it it yours, what ever it is , it is yours.



I know it is hard to celebrate ourselves and harder to put ourselves in the equation of being taken care of, but listen it is a major part of healing and learning new behaviors on how to be good to you. Please let’s get out of the habit of “oh it’s nothing Its not a big deal” the thing we say all time and really mean, but we have to program ourselves to accept and build on the small wins and accomplishments, know that what you are doing is something to be proud od big or small, baby steps are progress too and need to be celebrated as such, I love and I believe in you all.

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Forgiveness Parodox

I always misunderstood what forgiveness really consist of and for good reason because you never really understand until it’s your turn to do it. The meaning to me and many others forgiveness on its face can mean just something that happens when someone hurts and angers you, or if you hurt and anger someone else, after you make up and move on right?  is that what forgiveness is, or is it something different altogether. Well today I know and understand what forgiveness is and it is an emergency that you do too, the circumstance or atrocities can vary such as, a mother of a murdered child, a family affected by a serial killer, failing in life, thoughts of abandonment by God, fatherless children, motherless child, tragedy after tragedy, loss after loss, mental  and physical abuse and the list goes on on, because we all suffer our own misfortune. Now its what you do with all the pain and disappointment, you may not recognize its origin but you know its damage or effect, how and why this happened or continues to happen  and that consumes your ability to think logically or clear, or matter of fact is there any logic or clarity involved, it just doesn’t make sense you tell yourself. The blame has to be designated and you cannot figure out who not to blame, yourself, God, family your husband or companion, the time, a drunk driver, the circumstance, the lies and deceit, the world, I mean who isn’t at fault. It is a life or time of living hell and torture to the mind and soul harboring and holding this poison that has taken a life of its own, it doesn’t need you anymore to exist because at this point that thing, that person, the poison is just taken you along for the ride, rather you want to or not you have long ago given up the choice to decide.

UNTIL, that day the moment the whisper,”JUST LET GO” and it is clear that you have suffered enough, that whatever happened was something you may never understand but that burden is no longer your. Tere is a big blessing that comes from letting go and it is something I cannot explain but can feel from the bottom of your tippy toes to the chambers of your heart and soul, forgiving is not condoning or it is not forgetting but is a pure act of releasing the effervescent energy that has been divinely gifted to you. “How free you can be if you let go of yours and give it to me” This is a mantra I have come up with in the depth of suffering and in the midst of wickedness, when I need to free my mind and cleanse my soul, and I share this with you in hopes that you may not analyze or understand, but that you can feel and embody the power that comes from releasing.

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