Sweet Cre’me

images (92)Hello my Dears, at this point you should start to feel like a new person, when you look in the mirror you are pleased with what you see feel and doing with your life. You have done the work even when people said you couldn’t or don’t deserve it, you have reinvented yourself. Your cup runneth over, is the Sweet Cre’me of all the sacrifices tears connection disconnections, you have made great leaps enough so you’re able to give back…

Raw Sugar helps you to face the hard facts of giving up old to become new, this was the only way you can have the space you needed to let your vision and dreams live in you, without the toxins that held you back before. You have self-developed a women you are proud to be and help and been encouraged by other women like us, do you know what make you happy, do you know what you want to do, do you know what you want, well let’s go get it.

Coffee Shop was where you shared yourself and learned how to step into your greatness, the women we have worked with so far in the shop has a lot in common and needed you as much as you needed them, so celebrate you are apart of someone else’s victory.

Soul Stirrer was here for you to get fired up and to be reminded of who you are because we forget and lose ourselves and give up on life, but here we found the passion for living as a winner, there is not just one winner we all can win, understanding that everyone

wins are different and what makes you fulfilled and at your best, what allows you to step into your purpose and serve in that way is your win. Now you will get going on acknowledging and living in your abundance, and your cup will runneth over to share with the world. It is not over only a new chapter is beginning, there is work to do the world is waiting for you and your contributions… celebrate, I knew you could and would do it, Thank you for journeying with me and blessing me with your gift. Now go live to the fullest capacity. I love you and always believed in you…


2 thoughts on “Sweet Cre’me”

  1. I found that my impatience of success holds me back from my goals. I have this idea that everything happens over night and when I don’t get the results I want in the time I want I give up. Sometimes information me my self giving up in the things I really want like my own place , a new car , my degree in physical therapy . Sometimes it’s takes my boyfriend asking me how’s are classes going for me to snap back into . I need to get rid of the anxiety and put good vibes into the universe consistently, and keep focus on the road ahead …

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    1. Sounds like you have some great goals and passionate about fulfilling them. I think if you set 2 short term goals on 2 areas you want to begin to work on you will start to see progress.
      1.What do you want, your passion and dream?
      ok so everything else is going to revolve around this dream goal, and now we figure out what is going to get you there, these are your short term goals like going back to school, volunteering in an area that is or close to your dream goal, and the people or places you need to start surrounding yourself with to help you learn more about this area of dream goal
      2. Now you figured out the little steps that you can start to implement in the direction of your dream goal, pick 2 at a time to work on and give yourself a time limit, nothing unrealistic but also not to stretched out.
      3. The 2 things you choose to work on should be the ones we have most control over, something we ourselves can change like time you set aside to work on your personal short term goals, this should only be time for that thing you chose to do (time management), library time or seminars class or research on that topic area, and then learn some more.
      The point of this it to lessen your anxiety and become clear of what you really want. Knowing that it’s going to take steps to get there and most of the time baby steps, but let me tell you the little ones move big mountains and the results you said you were looking for will start coming back to back if you stay steady on your short term leg work.
      so right now today where do you stand with it, if everything you needed was handed to you right now what does that contain? nothing else should be considered right now but what is in that circle that has every individual thing you could put in order to go ahead and begin your short term goal… Ok now put them in place, once you have a clear visual picture of what you have to put in order then we understand we have the ability to put them in order… one step or goal at a time…I believe in you


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