In The Moment


There are so many things to worry about and many things we want to fix in our lives, but how many things can you expect to change instantly, why do we put ourselves through the stress and worry of not doing and being who and where we want to be. I believe if you live daily in a positive mindset that all things you already claim to be yours are already working in that direction. If you know that what you work towards succeeding are always going to be successful it allows you to live in the moment,  live in the present, enjoy what you already own,  knowing that you will have exactly what is meant to be yours.

Stop and look around, think and take a minute to be still, now be grateful for what you have noticed, if you spend more time being grateful you spend less time being worried.       



3 thoughts on “In The Moment”

    1. writerkaren2017, you are not alone in the constant worry and stress because life is hard so so very hard. I know what my daily suffering can be and that makes me afraid, so what i do is say God I know whatever happens it wont be the first, and Lord I know you brought me through everything else so why would this be different, and Lord I thank you for whats good in my life even if its a size of a mustard seed but i thank you and I will hold on to this tiny bit if good and live there as much as I can, and before you know it that mistard seed grows a bit more and you have a bit more good to live in. Believe me I know how difficult it is to notice and be present in the good, but if you make a concious effort to force yourself everyday or every hour to mention and mentally list the good thing or things, and when you do say It may not be huge but it is, and im thankful for it i believe it may become a bit easier each time to spend more and more time there. I believe in you and its ok you’ll get there,

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