The Journey

Let us journey together,

Consume the space of enlightenment.

Accept and Acknowledge defeat, despair or failure.

Give yourself permission to be and give love anyway.

Forgive yourself, and others that you have blamed.

Allow yourself to be worthy of  a new beginning.

I too had to start some where, and all these places has to be visited in order to promote healing.




One thought on “The Journey

  1. Hello hello, I wanted to share that the process of being internally free is challenging, right now I’m dealing with excepting and internalizing the relationships that have failed in my life. I want to acknowledge what I’m feeling because this is what kept me bound, I am sorry for not being who I needed to be in these relationships to promote success, I did not have the tools to keep them alive and like many other things failure was the end result, today I know that every commitment takes your full potential to grow and nurture that thing, and as I love myself I will those I put myself into.


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