When something or someone doesn’t work out the way we planned or hoped them to be, or even just not sure of the next step, doesn’t mean defeat, most likely that thing or that person deterred or re-routed the path you were on, and along the way that experience gave you exactly what you needed,  and now that your back you see exactly what you have learned, how you have changed or not, what you can or cannot, and who you are or are not. So no you weren’t defeated but more knowledgeable, closer to being sure of yourself that thing or whomever, knowing now the difference between defeat vs. deterred. I’ve learned that it can be really simple or we make it extremely difficult and it still doesn’t change the simplicity of the thing is truly what it is, that person is truly what they are, but the experience is always a profound asset to the collection of your experiences that constructs your life. So how can that be a failure or defeat, we gain all along believing we were failing or defeated, it’s simply not true.


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