This entire platform was born from an intense need to be rescued from the bounds of my mind and soul. I am driven behind the absolute need of us women being our own rescue, I have my tragedy failure heartache and sorrow like a lot of other women in my community and was lost for so very long. I had to pull claw dig myself out the imprisonment of my mind and soul, I was completed dead with no hope of ever being alive again. The day I was enlightened was the day that changed my life forever, not only did something shifts in my consciousness but I was able to see light enough to shine in the direction I needed to be headed. Let me tell you, this is the most difficult state of being to come out of, it is a  learned and embedded way of thinking and existing, this thing I speak of has no name or face but is real as you and I are breathing. I felt alone and desperate to escape the mental and spiritual hell I was living and knew my time was up, that it was time for some things to change in order to live a life worth living, and I was determined to not live as a torured slave in my mind. But the binds are real, it tells you no you will not be anything or body that you have not already experienced,  it sucks all the fight you have in you, but let me tell you it is a liar, you will be free you will live with conviction pride and success. I am doing this because it was unbelievably impossible to be strong enough rescue  myself and I didn’t know what to do after I was enlightened and fired up to make the changes, but how what when and where was the parts I had no ideas about, and that in itself was its own hell, knowing what you need but not have the tools to do it and resources to reach it. Not to mention the life conditioning that keeps us bound, if you don’t know success how will you be the success, simply go get it. The best way to learn is to actually be actively involved in the act. So  I created this page for us, those who are stuck and have to make the hard choices and changes to even begin to see another option for your lives. Let me be very clear, this will never work if we don’t come together and encourage inspire and support one another. I know the struggle and I am here to support you and share what works for me, I am still on my journey to freedom and invite you all along the road with me… I believe in you, in us…


Natisha. Foster



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