My Purpose

Hello all, I am here because I made it through the toughest part of my transformation and that was knowing I’m worth better than I have given myself for years, I was imprisoned and had no chance of escape. I know that I had to change but I didn’t know how and It was mental torture, you know you listen to motivational speakers and you get fired up but then what, what do you do, I didn’t know how to be successful I had no examples to follow. I can tell you that this place I speak of is merciless and it attacks you in every area of your life but today I am free and know my purpose. I know I will spend the rest of my life in service to women like me, because I know the feeling of failure and been paralyzed and couldn’t change things for myself because your mind has held you captive and have no intention of ever turning loose. So you have to be your own escape it’s your job to free yourself and live as you were intended. So I have created this space but I cannot do this alone it will never work, we need each other to build each other up and flourish as women, breath life back into our families and give birth to a new you…You are in transition and have to want the change as much as you want to breathe, so you are willing to do any and everything required to become greatly blessed. God is able.



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