This is a place to come together and share our struggles, where there is hope. We as women are the main ingredients to success in our families, marriages, and relationships, so we as women have to be strongly aware of our greatness. Hopelessness and despair have a way of keeping us bound, but today  I am you, and we are conquerors, we have been silenced by the affliction of life’s internal lashes and nonhealing wounds, but we are capable and worthy to be our own escape. The process starts with us building each other back up, fighting to survive so we can live to succeed. I am my sister’s keeper.

I would like to introduce The Boundless Cup contents and how to navigate the page, So you are here because you need support to set you on your journey, and I am right here with you because I am still building myself and need your help not only for ourselves but mainly for other women that have been struggling to take part in a happy successful life. I have put together on the page separate shops you should visit in the order you identify most.

The Raw Cube: is for the very beginning of enlightenment, this is for those who need to first acknowledge there are road blocks you haven’t been able to overcome and need to self-develope, make the hard choices to remove the toxins, and to live new things in new ways. You are not alone but you have to know you are worthy. I created this shop because when I was digging myself out of the hole I didn’t know how to be worthy, I didn’t know what to do next and I just didn’t know, and all of that  not knowing is discouraging and will cause you not to even try, so please I am right here with you in every shop, and I believe in you.

The Coffee Shop: is for the support we need after we make the hard choices and changes we need to even begin to journey, this is a place of togetherness and acceptance, we share and we relate. We build each other up with positive encouragement and new life strategies. Listen I need all of you to help, this is a movement that will give us women the tools we need to breathe life back into our families and communities, as you know it begins with us, we are the nurturers and our families depend on us to be healthy and strong. So let’s help one another and create success. I need you to be Great.

Soul Stirrers: Is a place to power up, its for  you  to  go be inspired, you know how you have that fire in your belly but you just need direction and that level of confidence, when you need to here again what you deserve and what is yours to claim, you have a gift and the world is waiting for you to discover it, and this page is full of fire and motivation to push you through your journey to freedom in all aspects of your reinvented life. You are so worth the best life can offer. I believe in you

Sweet Cre’me: is a place to celebrate your hard work and transformation and at this point, you should be feeling like the world is yours and you will do all great things, you should see a new person. This shop is for you to live in your greatness you have created and able to service others to live in theirs. I am right here with you throughout this entire process, and together we will continue to inspire create and enjoy a life of abundance, at this point your cup should begin to runneth over. You have done the hard work but it’s not over, you still have work to do, your gift you have discovered is desperately needed in the world, true success lives in the life of service and I too will do all I can to live in that light. That is why I created this space so we can live in service and our abundance is shared with the world.

This is your journey so click the Home button on whatever shop that best describes your need or area to become stronger, just click and get something you need to carry with you through the day.

I am honored to have journeyed with you, I commend you and respect your determination and wish you all everything that’s  yours. I love you and believe in you.

Natisha Foster.



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