Forgiveness Parodox

I always misunderstood what forgiveness really consist of and for good reason because you never really understand until it’s your turn to do it. The meaning to me and many others forgiveness on its face can mean just something that happens when someone hurts and angers you, or if you hurt and anger someone else, after you make up and move on right?  is that what forgiveness is, or is it something different altogether. Well today I know and understand what forgiveness is and it is an emergency that you do too, the circumstance or atrocities can vary such as, a mother of a murdered child, a family affected by a serial killer, failing in life, thoughts of abandonment by God, fatherless children, motherless child, tragedy after tragedy, loss after loss, mental  and physical abuse and the list goes on on, because we all suffer our own misfortune. Now its what you do with all the pain and disappointment, you may not recognize its origin but you know its damage or effect, how and why this happened or continues to happen  and that consumes your ability to think logically or clear, or matter of fact is there any logic or clarity involved, it just doesn’t make sense you tell yourself. The blame has to be designated and you cannot figure out who not to blame, yourself, God, family your husband or companion, the time, a drunk driver, the circumstance, the lies and deceit, the world, I mean who isn’t at fault. It is a life or time of living hell and torture to the mind and soul harboring and holding this poison that has taken a life of its own, it doesn’t need you anymore to exist because at this point that thing, that person, the poison is just taken you along for the ride, rather you want to or not you have long ago given up the choice to decide.

UNTIL, that day the moment the whisper,”JUST LET GO” and it is clear that you have suffered enough, that whatever happened was something you may never understand but that burden is no longer your. Tere is a big blessing that comes from letting go and it is something I cannot explain but can feel from the bottom of your tippy toes to the chambers of your heart and soul, forgiving is not condoning or it is not forgetting but is a pure act of releasing the effervescent energy that has been divinely gifted to you. “How free you can be if you let go of yours and give it to me” This is a mantra I have come up with in the depth of suffering and in the midst of wickedness, when I need to free my mind and cleanse my soul, and I share this with you in hopes that you may not analyze or understand, but that you can feel and embody the power that comes from releasing.

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4 thoughts on “Forgiveness Parodox”

  1. Forgiveness is for your own personal growth. Whether or not you truly forgive someone does not bother the person you need to forgive. But it will eat you alive if you hold onto that hurt and pain. Once you truly forgive someone, you allow yourself to move further in your own personal growth.

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    1. You are right, I believe a lot of people still believe if they choose to forgive its also saying its ok what was done, or to somehow give that person a pardon on whatever has been done, but it is as you said for you. It helps you to accept that you have no control over what and how that person behaves or the things that they do, but it is releasing the hold and negative energy so you can live a life of freedom. So thank you for your comment and helping get the understanding of forgiveness.


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