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Change Your Mind

I can speak for myself but I know I’m not alone, I have believed what everybody has shown me, I lived in mediocracy and my time is up. It has a face a name I cannot describe but the chains are real if you do not understand by now that your choices and story has to change I am concerned because I will not stay bound and I want you to make that same decision as well and join me in breaking out.


Wake up tomorrow with the Lords grace but also with a new perspective, what makes you happy, can you see your dream go there live there while your life catches up and dream another dream.


The Journey

Let us journey together,

Consume the space of enlightenment.

Accept and Acknowledge defeat, despair or failure.

Give yourself permission to be and give love anyway.

Forgive yourself, and others that you have blamed.

Allow yourself to be worthy of  a new beginning.

I too had to start some where, and all these places has to be visited in order to promote healing.