Choices are Power

In a state of chronic sufferance, there are little to no choices, a prayer is quickly converted to a plea, a life of limitations and ignorance is an imprisonment and this is what we do to ourselves,  a life without choices is a life not worth living at all. When we are blessed with choices you hold the power to change your state of being to a positive and unfamiliar but liberating experience, but we have to make the choice that frees us one choice at a time. It is so important to know what we want because then we know what to ask for, there is power in having a choice because that one choice turns into an opportunity that can change your life. Search your heart and soul and ask what it wants from you and then choose to just do it, give yourself the choice and then create the opportunity to use it. Whatever it looks like do things to bring it forward in your life and it won’t be pretty in the beginning but the actions you take will groom it and create a beautiful opportunity, and what’s makes it beautiful is it’s just for you, take it and understand that it is your power.


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