3 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. I can testify to this, I know this is real. The road blocks we have created for ourselves are insurmountable, but we have to tackle them fears and begin to take your power back, admit that whatever you were afraid of held you down but no longer will you be a prisoner. I will practice what I preach because I have been afraid to try because I knew I would fail, I gave away my dreams because I was too afraid to succeed, no more, I will, rather we will claim our destiny acknowledge our gift of purpose and master it so we can, in turn, bless the world with it. You know that fire in your belly, that thing that gets you turned up, step by step, day by day give it life, that is your purpose and the world needs your contribution. I believe in you…


  2. Hello Ladies, I learned something recently that has changed the way I spend my day, I was told that fear and doubt can’t co-exist with gratitude and hope.Instead of fear, I call on three things I’m grateful for and instead of doubt I found a reason to be hopeful. I know it may sound small but it does big things to the way you perceive things and if you practice every day it becomes a habit before you know it you will see the world differently and will be able to stay present and aware in the moment. I cannot express enough, how effective this is, try it and you’ll never see things the same.

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