You Can Overcome


One thought on “You Can Overcome

  1. This article was is so inspiring, we all have our tragedies, despair, and struggles whatever that means to you, but all of us as human beings have the potential to soar, and we are resilient in an amazing way, the universe and creation of the earth is made to sustain every and any need we will ever have.The universe is created to give us the divine energy to move mountains, to live a full abundant life, and I know it is extremely difficult to overcome the brutal blows that we experience but please know you were created to succeed, and some of us have forgotten that but today acknowledge your greatness, do something to challenge this God giving miracle and prove yourself worthy, because you are, we all are. The smallest step to consciousness and embody the extraordinary gift created for you that will give you great inspiration to continue and push through the pain and internal roadblocks to a life of fulfillment. Overcome your past and step into your divine presence, I believe in you

    Look in the mirror and start to love the one looking back at you and do something to make that person smile.
    Absorb the love of the ones that believe, support and add to your greatness.
    Find what you’re good at and become it.


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