It’s Your


2 thoughts on “It’s Your

  1. My small wins created a huge confidence, when I discovered my gift and internalized my assignment to serve and encourage others, it was mine, I owned that position and I was filled with purpose and conviction.When you discover what you have been uniquely gifted, zone in on it, be it learn it and most of all share it, you will know when you have come into your purpose, it fills you up inside and it will bring you joy to serve the world. But it starts with you honoring yourself for the accomplishments thus far, and everyone may not agree or validate what you have chosen to is right but you validate yourself, and if it’s the right purpose you do it without permission. So found what makes you happy and master it,,, I believe in you

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  2. I have to express my concern, and I am absolutely asking for advice so please feel free to comment. So I am super confident in my new found purpose and I understand that I have realized and accepted my gift and purpose, but when I am at my day job I feel like it isn’t a place I can be in service other than taking care of the person I work for, but as far as working as a women in service to other women it doesn’t apply. I want to be engulfed in pursuing my purpose and the feeling better yet the energy that has been the catalyst of my passion but it’s like I break from it at work and it feels like I’m not doing enough. Any suggestions does this mean I doing something wrong?


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